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SGC Global specializes in the development of Integrated occupational health solutions, re-sale of medical equipment, medical consumables and personal protective equipment (PPE). Our business development strategy is based on providing excellent service to our customers through innovation and technology as well as providing quality medical and healthcare products developed by professional manufacturers of hospital equipment, medical consumables and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that are approved ISO9001, ISO13485 and medical CE , FDA and EN14783.
Our commitment  is to provide comprehensive one-stop services and solutions to all our customers through long-term strategic partnerships that create value whilst striving to maintain the principle of quality and performance as a culture and reputation to our customers, we strive to discover new ways of risk mitigation processes that are guided by regulation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and Act 29 of 1996 and Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Act 59 of 2002.
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Our Vision is to provide continuous assistance to Leaders, Healthcare practitioners, employers, employees and communities to coordinate, communicate, care, manage and control risks and infections that are detrimental to human well-being.

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Customer-centric, Timely response, Innovation, Technology and Quality

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With strong executive teams and vast experience, we actively engage with our teams to provide strategic guidance to fast track high growth potential initiatives.

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